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Auto Lebanon ™ is a free online classifieds listing for cars, suv, trucks, commercial, motorcycle, atv, boats and plates. We also provide an online estimation for your vehicule.

Auto Lebanon ™ was inspired by Charbel Mhanna a Programmer Analyst that worked in this industry for more than 6 years. He's goal was to provide an online classifieds listing for dealers and individuals.

After some research in the Lebanese market, he decided to purchase the domain name www.autolebanon.com and start working on the project. Few months later, he published VERSION 1.0 in 2018.

He hope one day, Auto Lebanon S.A.R.L will become the number #1 search listing in Lebanon.

Few updated will be made on the system to provide a better navigation for the Lebanese community.

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our history

  • 01


    Auto Lebanon ™ was founded by CM a programmer Analyst and a past Used car manager for more then 5 years of experience. He decided to combine his skills in one place [AUTO LEBANON ™].

  • 02


    The project took few months of development until he publish VERSION 1.0.

  • 03


    updated features to VERSION 1.1

  • 04


    Update on frontpage, gateway payment available, implementing security and queries. VERSION 1.2

  • 05


    [INTEGRATION] SMS Activation account, update featured ads VERSION 1.3

  • 06


    Featured ads are available now [Version 1.4]

  • 07


    Update [upload images] by keeping ratio not streching [Version 1.5]

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